9.21.11 11:08pm THE STATE KILLED TROY DAVIS: may his LIFE be dedicated to the pursuit of JUSTICE in America   Leave a comment

The outrage and pain associated with the execution of Troy Davis sends ripples throughout the world.  The brokenness of our judicial systems, inhumanity of our prison industrial complex, and institutionalized racism has been laid bare once again.  May this show of arrogance and violent impunity be a calling for us to rise up and change the system that continues to perpetuate grave injustices on the citizens of this country and others once and for all.  There is a connection in mentalities of law makers and systematic institutional practices which allow capital punishment, torture, and inhumane imprisonment to all be tools of the American state.  It is the mission of this generation, our generation, to put a stop to killing, to put a stop to racism and civic disenfranchisement of all people in America, so that we may transform together and form a new kind of society/government that does not look lightly upon any violence towards human beings or any of God’s creations.  Let us remember that the struggle continues, there are injustices going on right now, and innocent people locked up in prison in and by America.  We will not forget Troy Davis, we will not forgive a government unwilling to live up to the standards of 21st century human rights, and we WILL continue to celebrate LIFE.  FREE MUMIA.


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