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This was posted at the NYC General Assembly website and is a reflection on the ongoing occupation of wall st. We thought it was beautiful/dope.


A revolution does strange things, I see the change it brings, My pain just sings in the waves of people that chant change is king. While our battle wages on we see the storm that tries to rust our resolve like the grey uniform facade, but to me change is god. Not to speak ideology but my democracy results in blatant hypocrisy,So I rose up conciously against this rape and sodomy. I scream freedom and embrace changes kingdom. For we need to beileve the struggle that we percieve is to denounce corrupt politicians and corporate greed, The need never faulters like my resolve. TO prevail, Unvail the broken and beaten, console the neglected mistreatin, our fate is freedom and their image is treason. They can’t take my signs, they can’t take my streets For it is within poetry lines and hip hop beats, One woman, One man, One light, One stand, One Night, One plan, we will all understand, this revolution.

UPDATE ON TROY DAVIS: Troy Davis was denied Clemency today by the Georgia Parole Board.  He is due to be executed TODAY, Wed. September 21, 2011.  We are Troy Davis. Troy Davis is the 99%.


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