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No one thought this would be easy.  They haven’t kicked us out, but they have decided to deny us the basic right of shelter on this rainy day.  But if you are from NYC you may know that 1000s of people here are denied that on a daily basis, living homeless on the streets.  Arrests this morning also resulted in the unnecessary use of violence from the NYPD – unsurprising yet unfortunate –  we are not against the police, we believe they should be here to protect thepeople, not uphold the interests of corporate elite that dominate our ‘democratic’ government.

The biggest prospect for sustaining this movement is national and global support.  We need to do this firstly by keeping the live stream going, so we very much need replacement Dell 1525 Batteries.

The second thing that would help us to do this is to be able to read messages of global and national support during our general assemblies.  The livestream chat support we are receiving is good,but we need to show the world that we are bringing people together through this movement! PLEASE POST YOUR MESSAGES OF SUPPORT IN THE #OCCUPYWALLST DISCUSSION FORUM.

This will be a matter of strategy that tests the ability of multifarious individuals to organize under common ideals rather than, as of yet, concrete demands.  This mirrors the challenges of democracy in a pluralistic multicultural society, however, we have seen what happens when money and corporate influence are allowed to corrupt the process.


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  1. Right on….I have been waiting for this

    I’m with you in spirit and doing what I can to get the word out

    inspired by your discipline in keeping a peaceful occuparion of what is really ‘ground zero’ in the destruction of the middle class, which is really IMHO what made this a great country.

    Hang in there, the media can’t ignore you forever

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