This blog has been created in order to share important ideas regarding the ongoing occupation of Wall St. in NYC, starting this 17th of September 2011.

Above all this blog recognizes the philosophy of non-violence, cooperation, education and work as we attempt to alter the current system of capitalist fundamentalism that pervades the ethos of world governments and the corporate elite.  The second important thing this blog recognizes is the symbolic significance of occupying Wall St. in NYC, as the financial capital of the world.

While we may be fighting for very real changes in the functioning of our own political and economic system here in the USA, this movement was born out of a historical moment that has been witness to millions of YOUTH, WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND MEN in nations across the globe rising up against capitalist exploitation that finds its origins in the boardrooms of major corporations here in New York City. We must also be aware that the reason so many dictators around the world have been able to remain in power is because they receive money and political support from corporations as well as the government of the USA.  It is our responsibility as Americans to recognize our connection to the larger struggle of our disparate brothers and sisters around the globe, and know that any change we can affect here will effect them as well.

This blog is designed to be a jumping point for creating a more complex and organized online discussion as to how we can keep the occupation alive and help the movement to continue to gain strength.  Please utilize the discussion forums set up at so that we can have some real discussions around organization, as the live feed chats seem to be overwhelmed with individuals speaking over each other rather than to each other and the important immediate issues.

As our powers of assembly are currently limited in #libertyPlaza due tologistical considerations, it is crucial we use online space to organize more broadly.  Also we would like to significanly increase the cultural component of this movement, so please leave comments as to suggestions in the MUSIC and VIDEO sections of this blog.  Also please leave any general suggestions as comments here.


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  1. It’s fantastic that you are doing this – it’s just what we need. I’m in FL and have been organizing through rebuild and some local homeless coalitions – something I’ve never done before in my life. I think you’re right on and I loved your opening statement. I did see comments earlier about filming/commenting/publicizing to the 30-50 or older crowd a bit more, which might not be a bad idea. We’re fed up, unemployed, and broke, too – and we’ve got children to feed in addition to ourselves. Reach out. We also have a vested interest in your success. I’ve been posting links in all my groups and publicizing what i can. The other thing, which I’m also doing, is have everyone you know contact the media and ask them why they aren’t covering you more in the news – because what you’re doing is certainly newsworthy. You might also reach out to Rebuild the Dream,, MoveOn, and list it as an event to get it out to their members and ask for their support…. Anyway, really, really wishing you the best – and that i could be there….

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