9.21.11 11:08pm THE STATE KILLED TROY DAVIS: may his LIFE be dedicated to the pursuit of JUSTICE in America   Leave a comment

The outrage and pain associated with the execution of Troy Davis sends ripples throughout the world.  The brokenness of our judicial systems, inhumanity of our prison industrial complex, and institutionalized racism has been laid bare once again.  May this show of arrogance and violent impunity be a calling for us to rise up and change the system that continues to perpetuate grave injustices on the citizens of this country and others once and for all.  There is a connection in mentalities of law makers and systematic institutional practices which allow capital punishment, torture, and inhumane imprisonment to all be tools of the American state.  It is the mission of this generation, our generation, to put a stop to killing, to put a stop to racism and civic disenfranchisement of all people in America, so that we may transform together and form a new kind of society/government that does not look lightly upon any violence towards human beings or any of God’s creations.  Let us remember that the struggle continues, there are injustices going on right now, and innocent people locked up in prison in and by America.  We will not forget Troy Davis, we will not forgive a government unwilling to live up to the standards of 21st century human rights, and we WILL continue to celebrate LIFE.  FREE MUMIA.


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Revolution   Leave a comment

This was posted at the NYC General Assembly website and is a reflection on the ongoing occupation of wall st. We thought it was beautiful/dope.


A revolution does strange things, I see the change it brings, My pain just sings in the waves of people that chant change is king. While our battle wages on we see the storm that tries to rust our resolve like the grey uniform facade, but to me change is god. Not to speak ideology but my democracy results in blatant hypocrisy,So I rose up conciously against this rape and sodomy. I scream freedom and embrace changes kingdom. For we need to beileve the struggle that we percieve is to denounce corrupt politicians and corporate greed, The need never faulters like my resolve. TO prevail, Unvail the broken and beaten, console the neglected mistreatin, our fate is freedom and their image is treason. They can’t take my signs, they can’t take my streets For it is within poetry lines and hip hop beats, One woman, One man, One light, One stand, One Night, One plan, we will all understand, this revolution.

UPDATE ON TROY DAVIS: Troy Davis was denied Clemency today by the Georgia Parole Board.  He is due to be executed TODAY, Wed. September 21, 2011.  We are Troy Davis. Troy Davis is the 99%.

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Day 4   1 comment

No one thought this would be easy.  They haven’t kicked us out, but they have decided to deny us the basic right of shelter on this rainy day.  But if you are from NYC you may know that 1000s of people here are denied that on a daily basis, living homeless on the streets.  Arrests this morning also resulted in the unnecessary use of violence from the NYPD – unsurprising yet unfortunate –  we are not against the police, we believe they should be here to protect thepeople, not uphold the interests of corporate elite that dominate our ‘democratic’ government.

The biggest prospect for sustaining this movement is national and global support.  We need to do this firstly by keeping the live stream going, so we very much need replacement Dell 1525 Batteries.

The second thing that would help us to do this is to be able to read messages of global and national support during our general assemblies.  The livestream chat support we are receiving is good,but we need to show the world that we are bringing people together through this movement! PLEASE POST YOUR MESSAGES OF SUPPORT IN THE #OCCUPYWALLST DISCUSSION FORUM.

This will be a matter of strategy that tests the ability of multifarious individuals to organize under common ideals rather than, as of yet, concrete demands.  This mirrors the challenges of democracy in a pluralistic multicultural society, however, we have seen what happens when money and corporate influence are allowed to corrupt the process.

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Calling all MUSIC MAKERS, MUSICIANS, and BANDS!   Leave a comment

Are you a NYC (or anywhere else!) musician in support of ending corporate greed, stopping the prioritization of money over people, free speech, and a new vision for our global destiny?!?!

We at #occupywallst NEED YOU ASAP!  Please come down to 110 Liberty Plaza-Zuccotti Park (Subway: N,R Cortlandt St. stop OR 4,6 Fulton St. stop) any time of day or night.  We need music to inspire us, keep us warm, bring us together, show solidarity, and to blow down the walls of corporate Jericho!

We’d especially love to hear some horns, some bigger strings, and more drums!  We’d love it if we could get some NYC JAZZ NYC AFROFUNK (or), Brooklyn Reggae and of course People’s HIP HOP in da house too (HINT HINT yall)!!!  Remember, this is your chance to go global via our live stream!

Music has always been an integral part of protests, social change, people’s movements, and transcendence in America.  Hail the great saints of MUSIC! John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti, Sun Ra, Odetta, Bob Marley, Woodie Guthrie, Billie Holiday, Gil Scott Heron . . . and so many others!!!

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This blog has been created in order to share important ideas regarding the ongoing occupation of Wall St. in NYC, starting this 17th of September 2011.

Above all this blog recognizes the philosophy of non-violence, cooperation, education and work as we attempt to alter the current system of capitalist fundamentalism that pervades the ethos of world governments and the corporate elite.  The second important thing this blog recognizes is the symbolic significance of occupying Wall St. in NYC, as the financial capital of the world.

While we may be fighting for very real changes in the functioning of our own political and economic system here in the USA, this movement was born out of a historical moment that has been witness to millions of YOUTH, WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND MEN in nations across the globe rising up against capitalist exploitation that finds its origins in the boardrooms of major corporations here in New York City. We must also be aware that the reason so many dictators around the world have been able to remain in power is because they receive money and political support from corporations as well as the government of the USA.  It is our responsibility as Americans to recognize our connection to the larger struggle of our disparate brothers and sisters around the globe, and know that any change we can affect here will effect them as well.

This blog is designed to be a jumping point for creating a more complex and organized online discussion as to how we can keep the occupation alive and help the movement to continue to gain strength.  Please utilize the discussion forums set up at proboards.com so that we can have some real discussions around organization, as the live feed chats seem to be overwhelmed with individuals speaking over each other rather than to each other and the important immediate issues.

As our powers of assembly are currently limited in #libertyPlaza due tologistical considerations, it is crucial we use online space to organize more broadly.  Also we would like to significanly increase the cultural component of this movement, so please leave comments as to suggestions in the MUSIC and VIDEO sections of this blog.  Also please leave any general suggestions as comments here.

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